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We Moved to Australia – Our New Home in Sydney

We Moved to Australia – Our New Home in Sydney

Starting A New Life

Moving To Australia

My family – wife, and son completed our move to Frenchs Forest Sydney, Australia, but it was not without its drama. Of course, moving into a new home comes with many headaches, but it felt so long since we’ve moved, we needed a break. The Frenchs, as my wife prefers to call it, has a nostalgic charm. Quiet meandering streets and lush bush land highlight the neighborhood for family living. It also offers access to different shopping malls and an incredible line of beaches that my family didn’t take long to call Frenchs Forest our home.

But before we did, we had a rat problem. Rats and mice are some of Australia’s most disgusting pests. I will put them after roaches though. The bottom line, you don’t want to find those creatures in your house. Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t have a thing against rats. However, since they travel through sewers and polluted streets, bearing bacteria and ticks, they can potentially cause health hazards for my entire family. Apart from the filth, the first few nights in our new house were full of disturbance.

The rats had a habit of nibbling and chewing through any object they could find. One mouse chewed through the electrical wires, so we needed to call a repairman. Before unpacking completely, we needed to solve our rodent infestation problem. We owe a great deal of this solution to our new neighbors and the internet. Thankfully, we were able to look up a safe pest control company in Frenchs Forest. But that was not without its problems also.

From previous experience, I’ve known to look for a pest control company that offers efficient and sustainable treatment with proven experience. If anything, the solution must be safe around my family and property.

Local Pest Control Company


At first, I thought to look through reviews online to find the best out of the bunch. However, I first had to ask our new neighbors for recommendations. The first few I spoke to appeared to be fine, but one gave a red flag when he asked for payment before the job. That was a big no for me. Moving on, I spoke to another that would not offer an agreement or contract to cover the removal. That was another big red flag I was not willing to put up with. One particular pest removal company was willing to offer a contract and receive only half the money as down payment, which appeared fine. However, I couldn’t find a recent review to prove they really did what they claimed they would do. In the end, I was able to find a local pest control company that fit what I really wanted. The technician from Pro Pest Control Sydney offered effective and long lasting pest treatment, exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Adam Love and his team from Pro Pest Control Sydney, give them a call if you have a pest problem. So, I got my rat problem solved, and my wife could finally make the home into what we have always wanted. 

Now to the good stuff.

French’s Forest had a lot to offer me and my family. First, I had to settle down and start my own business. As a freelance writer, I knew moving would not conflict with my job since I can work from anywhere. Thankfully, there were also lots of freelance opportunities online that I could explore. In time, I took up small contract jobs in writing for local businesses a freelance writer.

When I am not writing, I make sure to explore Frenchs Forest with my wife and son. For example, my wife and I sometimes spend our evenings walking the Flora and Fauna with Bush Turkeys and Kookaburras trotting across the roads. If not for the snakes, I am sure my wife will make me come out more. For a family fun time, we had beaches, great cafes, and lagoons my son loves so much.


Frenchs Forest Sydney

Big changes to Frenchs Forest played a significant part in the reason why my family has decided to move there. So far, we have not regretted our decision. Everyone is settling in quickly and easily – so much that I think we will call this place home for a very long time to come. Now, as I write, I relax, enjoy, and spend quality time with my wife and son, who are also doing excellently well.

Until next time.

Announcing My Retirement

Announcing My (Semi) Retirement

My Retirement Didn’t Come Easy, But I plan to make It Easy Enough for Myself Retiree

No matter how much you look forward to it, retiring from work is a major milestone and a life challenge that can be stressful and beneficial. For some, it led to health complications, while for some, they could cope and move on. Thankfully, I was among the latter, as I was able to adjust to my new life and reward myself in the long run. Many of us have a picture of what we want our retirement to be – an ideal retirement many call it. For example, spending more time with friends and families, traveling the world, or even pursuing a hobby. Regardless of the dream, a lot of us want to relax and go easy while enjoying freedom. But the road to retirement is never as smooth as we imagine it. For me, I had planned the financial aspects of my retirement. I definitely didn’t want to rely on handouts to survive. However, like most people, I almost didn’t pay attention to the psychological impact of retiring from work. See, before now, I had a career in writing. I had worked large and small contract jobs for various businesses. I am the type of guy that you can say has written on and edited everything a writer can write about. And, yes. I loved my job. I even loved my colleagues and work environment more. As you must have clearly noticed, I seem like the type of guy that must have had retirement figured out long before the time was ever due.

Escaping the long commute, daily grind, difficult boss, and workplace politics started as an initial relief. However, like most new retirees, I found out after a few months that my vacation mode was starting to wear off. This is because I missed my sense of identity – the meaning and purpose that came with my job and the structure it gave my days. Apart from this, I also missed my co-workers and the social aspect. Thankfully, instead of feeling bored and isolated, I decided to find a way to fill my days to avoid grieving for my old life. I started my own business consulting company that works to enhance systems and processes. But like I said, it wasn’t always this easy.

Some of the challenges I had to overcome include: The feeling of anxiety of not having enough money to spend Difficulty filling my extra hours with meaningful activities The feeling of isolation due to lack of social interaction from being around my coworkers. A decline in my perception self importance Adjusting to my routine and maintaining my relevance.

New Life

But I had to adjust, and I did. Let me put it straight to you; one of the best ways to push through with your retirement is to embrace change. To embrace change can mean losing friends or moving away from an old place – which I later did. I will get to that part in a bit. I needed to adjust my attitude and see my retirement as a journey and not a destination. As a result, I gave myself enough time to figure things out. I changed direction when I needed to and built resilience while at it. After adjusting my attitude, I also took time to acknowledge my emotions.

When I felt sad, I accepted the unpleasant emotion as something that would soon pass. I spoke to a few friends, found comfort in my family, and even kept my records. By accepting the things that I cannot change, I chose to focus my energy on the things that I can change. For example, I started my own business. This way, I was able to redefine my identity through new activities and relationships. Where I was once a writer for businesses and companies, I plan to start on my own as a freelance writer, still doing what I loved doing but in a new environment.

My Semi Retirement

Now, I will do freelance writing and small contracts jobs in writing ads for local businesses. I can tell you, I have new goals that have provided me with a sense of purpose and a redefinition of my identity. To give credit, I didn’t have to face it all alone. Now, I am moving to French Forest in Sydney, Australia, together with my wife and son, and boy, they have been a major support. With time, I will strengthen my social network and see what Sydney has in store for us. Eventually, our new landscape will become familiar territory, and I am so confident we will do great.

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