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Early Retirement and a Stress-Free Life

The Secret to Early Retirement and a Stress-Free Life

The Secret to Early Retirement and a Stress-Free Life

Many people come to the internet looking for the secret to a stress free life. Retirement does seem like a good place to find peace, but many people’s retirements are in doubt these days. So, how can someone find peace in such a stressful time as this?

The problem with people’s searches for peace is that they often go looking for a cheat code: do this one simple trick and you will receive peace and happiness! In reality, things are a little bit more complicated.

Still, the bare principle for peace is simple.

Think about your life. What in it causes you stress? Paying bills? Finding time for daily errands? Paying a mortgage? Finding peace is a simple matter of taking those little stressors and finding ways to deal with them every day. Here, procrastination is the biggest obstacle between us and inner peace.


The Secret to Early Retirement and a Stress-Free Life

Retirement: A Place to Search for Peace

Retirement- that long summer at the end of many people’s lives- a place to find out who they are and what they truly love to do. Many people think of retirement as a long process of going to sleep- waiting for death. In reality, it can be a great awakening and a jubilant process of coming to life at the end of life.

But, how can you achieve retirement? What amount of money could possibly carry you all the way through to the end of your life, and how can you possibly save it up?

As it turns out, the path to retirement and greater freedom to pursue peace may be contained within the little ways we can pursue peace every day. These small actions, when combined, possess great transformative powers for both our lives and, by extension, our inner selves.

So, what are these powerful little activities? How can we incorporate them into our daily lives? And, most importantly, are they easy?

To that, we can enthusiastically answer- yes, they are easy. However, you won’t like what they are. They’re not cheat codes, and they aren’t secret spells. In fact, you stare at them and think of them every day. The secret to peace and retirement is to organize your life now, and your mind later.

Putting Off What Needs Done

Our minds are strangely optimized to one end: to destroy our happiness. Often, we are short-sighted, and think only of the freedom we can obtain now. We take three hours spent watching television while our responsibilities hang over our shoulders as a way to achieve a little bit of freedom. But, is this true freedom?

In reality, all this represents is a moment of distraction while our stressors and our responsibilities drive our lives wherever they please. To truly win freedom, we must take this short-sighted view out of the equation. An hour spent distracting ourselves now, while four hours of work lie ahead, is the same as an hour spent in true freedom after the work is done.

Distractions are designed to chase away worries. Freedom is freedom from those worries, and this can only be won if worries are confronted and dealt with to the best of your abilities. Simply running errands and doing tasks cannot win true happiness, but it can get you on the path.

How to Start

If you find yourself confused and lost, you might be wondering: where do I start with all of these responsibilities? The urge people often have is to find some basepoint- some place from which all their worries originate. From there, they suppose they can simply work forward.

This place does not exist.

To get started on the process of confronting and eradicating your fears, you must simply choose a place, and start. My favorite thing to do is to write my biggest fears down on sticky notes- paying taxes, putting a schedule together, cleaning house, working out a mortgage, and so on- and place them on a dart board.

From here, I close my eyes, and whatever I hit is whatever I will start with. Once you start getting things done, you will fall into a groove, and getting the rest of your responsibilities out of the way will become positively automatic.

This morning, I hit my mortgage, and decided that today, I would spend a few hours working out ways to pay it off. I discovered that, after just a few hours, I could have everything in line, and have the rest of my day to live with one less worry.

Financial Obligations- Paying a Mortgage

Financial obligations often plague people’s minds and take them away from true peace and freedom. The essence of freedom and peace is not a comfortable descent into peace, but an uncomfortable battle for it, after which peace comes unexpectedly.

This battle may entail uncomfortable duties. For me, it was paying my mortgage, and finding ways to make sure I have enough money for the payments every month. Paying it was easy- I had enough to make my payment, and my bank offered a simple online payment mechanism. But, after the monthly due was paid, the worries were still there.

I quickly went through everything that might be causing me mortgage-related pain. I found, for example, that I often stressed about how long it would take to pay off my mortgage, and how little money I felt I had. I also discovered that, deep down, I truly feared for whether or not I’d be able to pay my mortgage payment next month.

To help alleviate these fears- which were truly eating me away- I developed a plan. I decided that, each week, I would only spend a certain amount of money. The path towards peace will inevitably teach us that there is not much need for material things in our lives. So, I thought, why spend so much on non-necessities? Indulgence could come later.

By working out this savings plan and following it, I found that I could live comfortably on much less than I had been spending. By disciplining my spending and sticking to the spending plan I had developed, I broke free of the cycle of just barely being able to pay off my mortgage and have money for groceries.

Once I took the time to finally confront this fear and work out ways to fight it, I was able to not only pay my payments, but give a little extra over to my bank. This solved my worries about how long it would take to pay off the loan, since I was putting myself a step ahead. Gradually, I came to feel that, perhaps, my mortgage wasn’t so big a deal as I had made it out to be.

This meant that, once the work of each day was done, I had no more time to spend doing what I wanted, but the hours I did have were spent in greater peace and security. Instead of sitting around with a weight on my shoulders, I was spending time doing what I want with one less thing to worry about.

The gist of the peaceful path is not to let your life be ruled by fear. If you have a mortgage and you fear how you might pay it- don’t delay! Take your time to develop a plan to strike at the roots of this fear, paying your mortgage and developing a sensible spending plan so you no longer have to worry about whether or not you will make your payments.

Early Retirement and a Stress-Free Life

Steps to Retirement

From here, it is easy to see how you might apply this strategy to your life. In reality, it’s not a strategy. It’s just a matter of realizing that your life isn’t truly a life at all if you let fears fester and let your time be overlorded by fears.

Facing up to your obligations is the only way to achieve any semblance of peace in your current life, and it can help you set aside time to pursue peace in your later life. Retirement is about money, and smart money choices in the now. It’s about focusing on the now and what you can do to reserve resources for the future.

By doing things like, for example, getting your mortgage payments in life, you exert a measure of control over the necessary chaos of life. You will never be completely in control, and it is important to realize that. Plans may even fail you.

However, when a working plan comes together, and you’re able to fall into a habit of smart choices, saving up for retirement, making good investments, and preparing a place for your future self will become as natural as taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

You give your cat medicine when it is sick- you would never dream of depriving it. So why deprive yourself of the necessary steps to peace and happiness. Once fears are faces, and a person decides to create mechanisms for control, the future becomes brighter and retirement becomes an option.

Use Lemon for Spiders

Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods – Updated With 3 New Methods

The Best Environmentally Friendly Pest Treatment Choices

Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Making the right choices can have lasting impacts. For pest control, traditional methods that rely on harsh chemicals and pesticides are potentially dangerous. These chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, and neurological damage.

That’s why eco-friendly alternatives are an important option for homeowners. Get to know the safe pest control methods that won’t harm you, your family or the environment.

We were lucky to chat with Brent Mcpherson a local pest controller who provides extermination services throughout NSW. He said natural repellents like boric acid and neem oil work great, as well as making sure all windows are sealed and fix leaking taps.

Problems with Chemicals in Pesticides

Using harsh chemicals can be risky for people’s health, especially for familes. Chemicals such as inesticides and pesticides, solvents, and some industrial chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. Lead, mercury, and certain pesticides can also cause fertility problems, birth defects, neurological damage and respiratory issues.

Inhaling chemical fumes might even trigger allergic reactions or other health problems like kidney and liver damage. Always exercise caution when using chemicals and read the instructions thoroughly to avoid any possible risks.

As an alternative you can try a more natural and eco-friendly approach to controlling pests.


Reasons Why You Should Try Environmentally Friendly Options

Eco-friendly pest control methods offer many benefits for homwebers. These include:

  • Protecting the environment by not contributing to pollution or habitat destruction
  • Being safe for humans and pets, as they don’t contain harsh chemicals
  • Providing long-lasting protection against pests
  • Improving the overall health of plants and soil
  • Being more cost-effective in the long run
  • Being more sustainable, reducing environmental impact.

Try using eco-friendly pest control methods today!

1. Prevent Them From Getting In

To keep pests away in an eco-friendly way try the following. Inspect your home or garden for potential entry points and seal them up with caulk or weatherstripping. Remove sources of food and water by cleaning regularly and covering containers. Install screens over windows and doors, and door sweeps under doors to prevent unwanted visitors from getting in.

2. Traps

Traps are an effective way to control pests by luring or capturing them. Depending on the type of pest, traps can be baited with food or scents and placed in areas of activity. Some traps are designed to contain the pest, while others may kill it immediately. Traps are commonly used for rodents and insects, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers are an effective way to keep pests out of your home. Screens can be installed over windows and doors. Door sweeps can be fitted to seal the gaps under doors. It is important to make sure that the screens and sweeps fit properly and are securely fitted in order to be effective in keeping out pests. Additionally, inspect your home or garden for potential entry points and seal them up with caulk or weatherstripping. Remove sources of food and water by cleaning regularly and covering containers, and choose the right trap for the pest you are trying to capture. Sticky traps for insects, humane traps for animals, and funnel traps for birds.

4. Natural Repellents

Repellents can be used to keep pests away from your home and garden in an eco-friendly way. Natural repellents, such as peppermint oil and citrus, can be mixed with water. You then apply to areas where pests have been observed or around the perimeter of your home or garden.

5. Biological Controls

Biological controls are methods of controlling pests through the use of natural predators or parasites. Some examples of biological controls include using ladybugs to control aphids. Introducing parasitic wasps to control destructive caterpillars or releasing bats for mosquito control.
Other strategies include introducing sterile insects to reduce pest populations and using microbial pesticides to target specific pests. Each type of biological control has its own advantages and disadvantages. So it is important to do research before deciding which method would work best for your particular situation.

6. Handpicking

Handpicking is an effective method to remove pests such as slugs and snails in small gardens. Simply search and remove the pests by hand, although this can be a time-consuming activity.

7. Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural, organic solution for pest control. It can be used to repel certain pests away from plants, trees, or other areas that you do not want them to go.
Neem oil has anti-feeding and insecticidal effects when applied directly to the pests. Some examples of ways to use neem oil for pest control include spraying it on your garden plants to deter insects and other pests.
Mixing it with water and spraying it around gardens or homes where pests are present. Apply it directly onto the pests as an insecticide, and using it as a soil drench around tree roots or on vegetable plants before planting.

8. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an effective, natural method for controlling pests. It works by absorbing the oils and waxes from the bodies of certain insects and other arthropods, which causes them to dehydrate and die.
Here are some examples of how to use diatomaceous earth for pest control: Sprinkle it around your gardens or home to keep ants away. Add it to your pet food storage containers to deter bugs.
Put a thin layer in areas where there are spiders. Sprinkle a bit around furniture legs, windowsills, and doorways. Scatter it in hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices.
Spray a Vinegar Mixture

9. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a natural, organic pest control solution that can be used to kill a range of insects and arthropods. Here are some examples of how to use boric acid for pest control. Sprinkle it around entrances, windowsills, and doorways; put it in wall voids or other hard-to-reach areas.
Spread it around the perimeter of your home or garde. Mix it with water and spray it directly onto pests; add it to pet food containers to prevent bug infestations. Sprinkle a thin layer around furniture legs and other problem areas.

10. Insecticidal Soap

This natural soap that can be used to control soft-bodied insects such as aphids and mites. Insecticidal Soap is a type of soap made with potassium salts of fatty acids, which can be used to control certain types of pest infestations.
It works by breaking down the protective wax coating on certain insects and other arthropods, causing them to dehydrate and die. To use insecticidal soap, mix with water according to manufacturer’s instructions and then apply it to plants or areas where you have observed these pests.

11. Companion planting

Companion planting involves planting certain plants alongside each other in order to deter pests and attract beneficial insects. To take advantage of this method, do some research on which plants are known deterrents for specific pests and then plant them near the ones you want protected.
You can also plant flowers that attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings which will help in controlling pest populations naturally without risking harm to people or pets.

12. Beneficial nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that can be used to control grubs, Japanese beetles, and other pests.  To use beneficial nematodes, you can apply them to the soil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
When you are ready to apply the beneficial nematodes, mix them with water according to the package directions. Then, pour this mixture around and on top of infested areas in your garden or lawn.
For best results, it is often recommended that they be applied in late summer or early fall when pests are still actively living. Additionally, make sure you provide enough moisture for the nematodes to stay alive during application and shortly following it.
Use Lemon for Spiders

Three New Bonus Methods!

13. Pheromone traps

Pheromone traps are another tool for pest control that uses the pheromones of pests in order to attract and trap them without using chemicals.
To use these traps, set them up according to the manufacturer’s instructions and place them in areas where you have observed pests. Check the traps regularly for caught pests and dispose of them as needed. Be aware of any potential safety precautions when using pheromone traps.

14. Hot Pepper Spray

Hot pepper spray is a natural way to repel pests such as rabbits and deer. To use it, mix hot pepper flakes or powder with water and apply it to plants or areas where you have observed pests. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and to be aware of any potential hazards or safety precautions when using this method.

15. Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies can also be used for pest control. Plant herbs near the plants that you want to protect. Or make a solution using crushed herbs and water and apply it to the plants or areas where you have observed pests.
Research the specific herbs that are effective at deterring the pests that you are trying to control.  amake sure you follow any necessary safety precautions when using herbal remedies for pest control.


With the various eco-friendly pest control techniques available, there is no excuse for not taking action to protect your home and environment from pests.
Not only do these techniques provide effective and sustainable solutions for dealing with pest problems, but they are also economical and have minimal impact on the environment.
By making the switch to eco-friendly pest control methods, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to maintain a healthy and safe environment both now and in the future.

Announcing My Retirement

Announcing My (Semi) Retirement

My Retirement Didn’t Come Easy, But I plan to make It Easy Enough for Myself Retiree

No matter how much you look forward to it, retiring from work is a major milestone and a life challenge that can be stressful and beneficial. For some, it led to health complications, while for some, they could cope and move on. Thankfully, I was among the latter, as I was able to adjust to my new life and reward myself in the long run. Many of us have a picture of what we want our retirement to be – an ideal retirement many call it. For example, spending more time with friends and families, traveling the world, or even pursuing a hobby. Regardless of the dream, a lot of us want to relax and go easy while enjoying freedom. But the road to retirement is never as smooth as we imagine it. For me, I had planned the financial aspects of my retirement. I definitely didn’t want to rely on handouts to survive. However, like most people, I almost didn’t pay attention to the psychological impact of retiring from work. See, before now, I had a career in writing. I had worked large and small contract jobs for various businesses. I am the type of guy that you can say has written on and edited everything a writer can write about. And, yes. I loved my job. I even loved my colleagues and work environment more. As you must have clearly noticed, I seem like the type of guy that must have had retirement figured out long before the time was ever due.

Escaping the long commute, daily grind, difficult boss, and workplace politics started as an initial relief. However, like most new retirees, I found out after a few months that my vacation mode was starting to wear off. This is because I missed my sense of identity – the meaning and purpose that came with my job and the structure it gave my days. Apart from this, I also missed my co-workers and the social aspect. Thankfully, instead of feeling bored and isolated, I decided to find a way to fill my days to avoid grieving for my old life. I started my own business consulting company that works to enhance systems and processes. But like I said, it wasn’t always this easy.

Some of the challenges I had to overcome include: The feeling of anxiety of not having enough money to spend Difficulty filling my extra hours with meaningful activities The feeling of isolation due to lack of social interaction from being around my coworkers. A decline in my perception self importance Adjusting to my routine and maintaining my relevance.

New Life

But I had to adjust, and I did. Let me put it straight to you; one of the best ways to push through with your retirement is to embrace change. To embrace change can mean losing friends or moving away from an old place – which I later did. I will get to that part in a bit. I needed to adjust my attitude and see my retirement as a journey and not a destination. As a result, I gave myself enough time to figure things out. I changed direction when I needed to and built resilience while at it. After adjusting my attitude, I also took time to acknowledge my emotions.

When I felt sad, I accepted the unpleasant emotion as something that would soon pass. I spoke to a few friends, found comfort in my family, and even kept my records. By accepting the things that I cannot change, I chose to focus my energy on the things that I can change. For example, I started my own business. This way, I was able to redefine my identity through new activities and relationships. Where I was once a writer for businesses and companies, I plan to start on my own as a freelance writer, still doing what I loved doing but in a new environment.

My Semi Retirement

Now, I will do freelance writing and small contracts jobs in writing ads for local businesses. I can tell you, I have new goals that have provided me with a sense of purpose and a redefinition of my identity. To give credit, I didn’t have to face it all alone. Now, I am moving to French Forest in Sydney, Australia, together with my wife and son, and boy, they have been a major support. With time, I will strengthen my social network and see what Sydney has in store for us. Eventually, our new landscape will become familiar territory, and I am so confident we will do great.

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