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Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods – Updated With 3 New Methods

The Best Environmentally Friendly Pest Treatment Choices

Top 12 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Making the right choices can have lasting impacts. For pest control, traditional methods that rely on harsh chemicals and pesticides are potentially dangerous. These chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, and neurological damage. That’s why eco-friendly alternatives are an important option for homeowners. Get to know the safe pest control methods that won’t harm you, your family or the environment. We were lucky to chat with Brent Mcpherson a local pest controller who provides extermination services throughout NSW. He said natural repellents like boric acid and neem oil work great, as well as making sure all windows are sealed and fix leaking taps.

Problems with Chemicals in Pesticides

Using harsh chemicals can be risky for people’s health, especially for familes. Chemicals such as inesticides and pesticides, solvents, and some industrial chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. Lead, mercury, and certain pesticides can also cause fertility problems, birth defects, neurological damage and respiratory issues. Inhaling chemical fumes might even trigger allergic reactions or other health problems like kidney and liver damage. Always exercise caution when using chemicals and read the instructions thoroughly to avoid any possible risks.

As an alternative you can try a more natural and eco-friendly approach to controlling pests.

Cockroach Populations Set To Explode Across Australia This Summer

Cockroach Populations Explode Across Australia

Hot Summer Weather will see Cockroaches in Abundance

Cockroach Populations Set To Explode Across Australia This Summer

Australian authorities are bracing for a potentially catastrophic increase in cockroach populations this summer. It’s due to rising temperatures and favourable conditions for the cockroach breeding cycles. The combination of a warm climate, coupled with an abundance of food sources, means that cockroaches will breed alot fast. We could experience a cockroach population boom not seen before.

Experts are warning that an uncontrolled outbreak in cockroaches could reach crisis levels. They’re urging homeowners and businesses to take appropriate precautions in order to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place.

The subtropical climate of Queensland, characterised by high humidity and warm temperatures, provides ideal conditions for cockroach populations to thrive. The combination of heat and moisture creates a breeding ground for cockroaches to flourish, exacerbating infestation problems. According to climate experts, understanding and addressing the specific weather patterns in an area is crucial in effectively managing cockroach populations.”

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