Paul Muldoon is an American journalist and author who is currently the Chief Editor at the Washington Post.

He is one of the most sought after writer and editor in popular newsrooms.

As a middle-aged political journalist, Muldoon has made a mark in the media world with his remarkable style of reporting.


Early Life

Born (May 22, 1977) and raised in Manhattan, New York, Muldoon developed a profound interest in journalism from reading newspapers.

His parents owned family business and always kept a newspaper for him to read after school. Neither his brother nor his sister followed in his footsteps.


Education and Career

In 1999, he graduated with a B.A Degree in Journalism from the George Washington University, after which he joined the New York Times as an intern.

Muldoon ’s big break came after serving as a White House correspondent for two years, after which he joined CNN as a special contributor.



In 2010, Muldoon took a break from broadcasting and went to London where he wrote the award-winning book, “Media and The New World”. He has written a dozen more books, some of which are still best sellers on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Besides being a columnist for the Wall Street Journal at one point, he has authored hundreds of articles for many other news outlets.


Fox News

Muldoon’s break from journalism in 2010 inspired the next phase of his career. This is especially after he toured Africa and Sri Lanka towards the end of that year.

He finally made a major comeback a year later and landed a top reporter job at Fox News. There, he began the popular morning show, “Good Stanley Morning”. He ran the show for three years, after which he announced that he was leaving.



When Muldoon ditched Fox News for CNN, he sort of carried his fans with him. His editorial job at CNN saw him work alongside renowned journalists to produce CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute”.



Muldoon has worked with brands like Warner Bros, Telepictures as well as served as ambassador in the Committee to Protect Journalists and UNESCO.



Besides being awarded honorary degrees from Georgia State University and the University of Southern Carolina, Muldoon is also a recipient of The Fourth Estate Award, Paul White Award, and Two Emmy News Awards.



Paul Muldoon currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Washington, D.C. He is the Chief Editor at the Washington Post. There are some speculations that he could return to TV with a blockbuster morning show.