Cockroach Populations Set To Explode Across Australia This Summer

Humid and Hot summer weather will see cockroach populations explode across Australia this summer

Cockroach Populations Set To Explode Across Australia This Summer

Australia is booming with cockroach population, and it will soon spread everywhere

Rain, bush fires, and hot weather creates a perfect condition for breeding.

7 News reported that unusual weather patterns have spawned a plague of cockroaches and termites on the Gold Coast. With numbers steadily rising in Australia’s largest cities, there are fears that hordes of these nasty critters will fly over the New South Wales border into Queensland.  Read more here.

The news agency also reported a 15% increase in call-outs due to the spider and cockroach boom. A spokesperson from Attack Pest Control Sydney has blamed humid weather for the increase in the number. According to the spokesperson, cockroach eggs hatch faster in the summer. As a result, there are naturally more cockroaches than normal.

Cockroaches enter the house through holes, pipes, and foreign items. Unsuspecting people take roaches with them in boxes and appliances and spread them interstate. Apart from this, there is usually a boom in other pests like spiders and mosquitoes during this time of the year.

Cockroaches are omnivores. As a result, they will eat the dead bodies or scavenge spiders. Therefore, a boom in the spider population will provide a steady food source for the roaches.

The most common cockroach species that infest homes is the German cockroach. It is also the most prolific breeder, requiring as little as 40 days to fully develop from hatching to an adult. A single adult will lay up to 400 eggs within 6 months, so you can understand what type of population explosion we are talking about.

Recent rains and humidity have created the perfect breeding conditions for cockroaches. This is more bad news for Australians living in coastal areas. Experts have warned people in Sydney to be particularly on high alert in a city that is already known for its cockroach problems.

The owner of the pest control company Warren Bailey explained to that the primary influx of roaches is due to the rain that has been holding them back. Now that the hot weather is here, the influx will likely last as long as the weather is hot.

Cockroaches are attracted to homes where they can find food and moisture. Therefore, to escape from the heat, they will make their way into pipes and drains where they can find water.

Homeowners and businesses are therefore encouraged to call exterminators ahead of the summer. Besides home remedies and safety tips, the only way to truly protect your home is to call for extermination. The reason is that roaches are excellent at playing hide and seek. As a result, even if you can’t see them, it does not change the fact that there are possibly many of them in your home. And what is the best way to kill something you can see?


Pest control workers have seen a 30% increase in requests to exterminate cockroaches since spring began. Luke Taylor told 7 news, “we are getting a lot more of an increase in commercial properties having difficult times with cockroaches.”

The worst thing anyone can do now is to leave and create easily accessible food sources for cockroaches. Western Sydney University Associate professor of Entomology Markus Reigler noted that the pests tend to breed in houses because of access to food and consistent temperatures.

Therefore, he recommends cleaning food scraps on the dinner table and kitchen quickly and storing food in the fridge and sealed containers. Also, clean pots and pans immediately after mealtime and don’t soak them overnight.

It is essential to keep all food in the fridge or closed containers, including foods like sugar that you may not normally put in the fridge. The reason is that, beyond their obviously nasty appearance, cockroaches pose a serious health risk.

According to the World Health Organisation, cockroaches play a role as carriers of intestinal diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and diarrhea. Their awful smell can also cause respiratory illnesses, and droppings can trigger asthma in people sensitive to cockroach allergens.

How to get rid of cockroaches 

Mr. Bailey concluded that the best way to control an infestation is to call a pest control provider. Thankfully, there are enough of them all over Australia. In the meantime, keep a clean and neat environment to discourage pests from entering our homes.

Also, limit their access to food, water, and shelter by sealing entryways, fixing leaky pipes, and using tightly covered trash containers. As we mentioned, store your food in airtight containers and clean dishes immediately after use. Wipe spills immediately, vacuum and mop floors regularly, and clean under and around furniture that you rarely move. Do the same for clutters in your shelves, drawers, and closets.