If you want to change the roof of your old house or build a new home, you might wonder what type of roof cover to choose. Metal roofing is the most popular option in Australian homes as it increases structural strength, protects your home from the elements, and adds value to the property. Here are ten reasons most homeowners choose a metal roof over other roof types. 


Long-Lasting and durable 

Everyone wants a strong roof that protects their family from windstorm debris and unfriendly weather. Some roofing materials cannot withstand violent wind and temperature changes. However, metal roofs are strong enough, making them perfect for coastal homes and places with wind traveling at a speed of 140 mph. Moreover, metal roofs can last for about 25 to 50 years when properly installed and maintained. One made of copper or zinc can last even over 100 years. 


Little Maintenance Needed 

Metal roofing requires minor to no maintenance. Other than ensuring that debris, branches, and leaves are prevented from amassing in the gutters, there is no other thing that should worry you. If you choose a more substantial metal roof, it will not rust or crack. It does not require regular sealing and can often last for decades without needing to be replaced. This means much less hassle, less frequent repairs, and unnecessary costs. Your roof will likewise have decent impact resistance against wind-blown and hail objects. 



Although metal is a good conductor of heat, it does not spark or catch fire. It is a non-combustible material making it perfect for people living in wildfire-prone areas. Ideally, metal roofing is considered to have a Class A Rating, meaning the underlying and covering roofing materials offer additional fire protection. What’s more, if you live in places prone to lightning storms, metal roofs should be considered as they add security and safety to your home while protecting your family. 


Light Weight 

If you compare metal roofing and other roofing materials, such as concrete tiles, you will find that metal roofing is much lighter. For instance, metal roofs are 5 times lighter when compared to tiles. When compared to concrete tiles, which weigh 53 kg/sqm, or terracotta tiles, which weigh 57 kg/sqm, metal roofing is much lighter, with a weight ranging from 5 to 10 kg/sqm. Therefore, your house will have less weight supported by your house roof structure, meaning that your home can do with less structural work and less engineering, enabling you to save much on construction costs. 


Speed and Easy Installation 

If you prefer a faster roof installation or have a deadline to work, then metal roofing is the right choice. Their size, proportion, width, length, and the fact that they are lightweight make them very easy to handle. Every single section has 12 inches 36 inches wide panels, which can be easily installed and handled. In many cases, metal roofing can be installed directly over an existing roof, eliminating the need for tear-off and disposal of the old rooftop. This can save time and labor costs. Overall, metal roofing can be installed easily and quickly, saving effort and time compared to other types of roofing. 


Moss and Fungus Proof 

Metal roofs are moss and fungus-resistant because it is impervious to mildew and rot. Additionally, metal roofs are typically coated with a protective layer that helps to prevent the growth of fungus and moss. This coating also helps to reflect sunlight, which can hinder moss and fungus growth. Asphalt shingles and wood roofs have short lifespans because they can accumulate rot and moisture, making them ideal for some insects, including termites. These insects can destroy wood roofs, making them weak. Moreover, metal roofing will protect your home from pests, rodents, and wild animals. 


Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs have high thermal emissivity and solar reflectance, meaning they can reflect solar heat to the atmosphere. This makes them ideal for proprietors who want to optimize their property’s energy use. Studies have shown that metal roofs offer a 15% reduction in energy costs during winter and a 40% reduction in energy costs during summer when constructed in a reflective, light color such as light green, white or green. When your roof reflects sun rays, it will minimize the heat transferred into the attic, and you will pay low electricity bills. 


Environment Friendly 

If you are among those who care about the environment and want to help Mother Nature, then a metal roof is the right choice for you. First, metal roofs are 100% recyclable, and manufacturers use recycled materials to produce a new metal sheets. They are also energy efficient as modern paint and coating systems allow the roof to reflect the sun’s heat, providing your house with a comfortable environment and cool rooms. Once the metal roofs reach their lifespan, they are still wholly recyclable, meaning that they are environmentally friendly and generate virtually zero waste when used. 


Suitable for All Seasons and Climates 

Metal roofs can be able to withstand any season and climate. They can be used in areas that experience winter storms as it allows the ice and snow to slide off more easily. You can also use them for hot, humid climates as they reflect heat and resist moisture. Another advantage of having metal roofing is they are waterproof and rust-resistant. Rain quickly drains off, reducing the risk of moisture and leak damage. 



Metal roofing is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing roofing materials available. It is customizable to the color and profile you choose. In addition, Metal roofing is also available in various finishes and textures, allowing you to choose a roof with the desired appearance and level of reflectivity. Additionally, metal roofing is known for its modern and sleek look, which can enhance the overall appearance of your property. 



Metal roofing is a durable, Eco-friendly, and weather-resistant option that can increase the value of your home. It requires little maintenance, can last for decades with proper care, and comes in various colors and styles. For these reasons, metal roofing is a smart choice for protecting your home.